Update Corona virus

We all are aware of the danger of the Corona virus. First of all, we thank you for your trust.
Please find below useful and general information about the corona virus on the WHO web site:



We strongly recommend that everyone puts in effort to continue following the universal precautions.

  • We provide extra hand disinfectant at the entrance.
  • The staff is sensibilized to use more disinfectant in their daily routine.
  • In addition we discussed with the staff and students about the importance of frequent handwashing with soap and water for at least 30 seconds. The Fintosch students also heard about the coronavirus. We discussed this matter in all groups and showed a video explaining the virus in the Primary classes.
  • For the time being we avoid hand shaking and hugging and instead we say a warm welcome with a smile.
  • The staff and the students were informed to use the elbow as a protection when coughing.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick
  • Sick students, parents and persons with pick-up permission (e.g. relatives or babysitter) should not come to Kindergarten and school.
  • Tissues should be thrown away after single use.
  • Please keep a safe distance to other people.
  • We have canceled all external activities and trips at the moment and within the next time.

As another precaution measure, we ask new interested families at Admission in advance via phone and online, if they returned back from one of the risk countries within the last 3 weeks. And we informed all the members and their families at Fintosch, who recently visited the WHO designated countries, to go in quarantine for 14 days. In addition, we need a medical certificate of the public health department for all family members before returning back to Fintosch again. We refer to the following list of countries of the WHO web site which is continually updated:


All these above mentioned measures are in the interest of the health of your child, your family, our staff and people.

We thank you for your cooperation. Please stay healthy.