Our program „Babies“

Our program „Babies“

Fintosch – feels like family…

Mini Maestros

Our carefully selected music program promotes musical growth and teaches simple musical elements. A great choice of songs, dances, finger rhymes and rhythmic movements is integrated in the daily routine. The children are introduced to make music with instruments.

Little Picassos

We get creative with hands; first experiences with colors that are named and properly applied. Different materials are tried out with totally free design or in common within a project.

Tiny Twirlers

Running, walking, hopping, climbing on mats, over obstacles, balancing – in our exercise room or simply romping around. Children develop their gross motor skills by different movements. The team spirit is activated through all kinds of group games.

Little Einsteins

A first introduction to numbers, quantities, shapes and weight. Children are naturally highly interested. We support the process of natural learning in introducing the kids to numbers in a playful manner and promote there intuitive mathematical thinking by various activities in the daily routine.

Best Buddies

They make first friends! In groups children learn tolerance, respect and how to deal with different characters. This makes children open-minded, self-confident. They learn to assume responsibility for their actions.

Little Storytellers

In our „state-of-the-art” library children can choose by themselves books of different age groups. Early childhood literature introduces books to children. Children become active listeners and storytellers. Imagination is stimulated and expressed by language.

Clever Parrots

Our international environment allows the children to come into contact with the English language very early. As we communicate with our kids in English only, we consolidate the knowledge at an early stage providing a solid foundation to expand the vocabulary continuously. The children get to know many features of a language.

If interested you can plan here a visit in our International Toddler School and Kindergarten. We are happy to meet you and your family.

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