Which languages will be taught and what kind of curriculum does Fintosch have?

Half the classes are instructed in English and the other half are instructed in German.
After Year 3, the students will be offered additional foreign languages, such as, Spanish or French. Together with the Hessen curriculum the school incorporates the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). IPC is one of the fastest growing curriculums in the world, currently with 1800 schools across 90 countries. It is a comprehensive, thematic, and creative approach, with focus on knowledge, skills, and understanding, that complements the Hessen curriculum.

How many sports lessons will be offered in the context of healthy school?

At Fintosch International Primary School, the classes have 6 hours of sport (physical education) every week. The child’s agility, coordination, sense of rhythm, imagination, and own expression are promoted here. A lot of movement and healthy nutrition are both very important to us. We also integrate movement sequences into the normal classroom.

How do the day-care times look at Fintosch Multilingual Primary School?

We offer flexible hours of care. Our Fintosch facilities are open from 7:45 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. per working day. Additionally, we are only closed a few days in the calendar year. Therefore, we are almost always available for you, including the holiday season with a day-care program. During the day-care times, students can participate in additional extracurricular activities, such as, sports (Zumba), music (violin), yoga, ballet, abacus, and German.

What makes Fintosch special?

We live our slogan: “Fintosch feels like family”. The children are taught in both German and English (in relation 50%:50%) every day with classroom sizes no bigger than 20 students. We are a healthy, child-orientated, and open-minded primary school with different afternoon activities in the same facility.

What is an entrance level class?

In the entrance level class of the school, the learning subjects are distributed between the first and second years of school. Therefore, the children have more time to process and adjust while having a lot of time to play. Children, who are 5 years old, can be admitted into the entrance level class.

What kind of School is Fintosch?

Fintosch is an international, full-time, state approved primary school with an afterschool and holiday day-care program. We are all-year school which is open from 7:45 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. each work day. With its motto “Fintosch feels like family”, the school aims to give pupils a child-friendly and caring environment while promoting multicultural harmony.

Why do parents choose Fintosch?

Our educational approaches are child orientated with a friendly holistic leaning approach. At Fintosch we strive to give children responsibilities and decision-making opportunities.

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