Our offer to you

  • A state-approved “Ersatzschule” according to the Hessian educational master plan “Rahmenplan”
  • International Primary Curriculum (IPC)
  • Multilingual education offer
  • Holistic, flexible and creative learning
  • Small classes with 20 students
  • All-day care from 7:45 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
  • 6 hours sports teaching per week
  • Healthy lessons
  • Open all year round

Our International Primary School in Frankfurt is a logical continuation of the Fintosch concept of early childhood development. Nursery, kindergarten and international primary school (with entry level) under one roof.

The teaching is based on the immersion method, whereby the German and international curriculum (IPC) are united. We teach in German and English (50% / 50%) with another third foreign language from the 3rd grade. Free choice after 4th grade in the German or English school system.

Kids of expats can start anytime during the school year. There are still a few places available in our classes! Please register under the section Open space inquiry.

Learn more about the IPC concept here

In addition to the primary school program and the Hessian Education and Development Plan (Hessischer Bildungs-und Erziehungsplan), the International Primary Curriculum is not only theoretically integrated into the pedagogical concept from the entry level, but also used as a concrete part of the daily work in the multilingual primary school.

The IPC comes from England and was developed by Fieldwork Education in London. The IPC was designed to meet the requirements and needs of the curriculum of international schools. It is consistently practical, multilingual and prepares for life. In addition to developing an international understanding, it helps children to develop and build up knowledge, learning strategies and cognitive skills.

IPC Key Topics

  • Precise definition of learning objectives with guidelines, both for the individual subjects, as well as for the areas of personality development and international understanding.
  • Over 70 different thematic learning units with a variety of easy-to-use exercises and activities for teachers and students.
  • Special assessment of performance, taking into account the latest research on the different types of learning and multiple intelligences and team-based assessment criteria.
  • Individual learning through different teaching methods and materials.
  • Choice of individual topics.
  • Continuous development  of all students (gifted, students with learning difficulties, students with special educational needs) also through individual learning and support plans.
  • Consideration of the specific learning group in the planning and execution of lessons.
  • Address a wide range of skills and abilities.
  • Participation in central tests and comparative tests.
  • Integration of subject teaching into interdisciplinary projects.
  • Interdisciplinary work.
  • Continuous cooperation in the grade-teams about necessary and further steps.
  • Close involvement of parents in school work and the development of their children.