Summer Day Care program during holidays

Summer Day Care program during holidays

Our Fintosch Multilingual Primary School is open every working day from 7.45 am until 7 pm. Only the first 2 weeks of August we are closed. This means during the holidays time we offer our Day care program with activities and topics related to the current season (autumn, winter, Eastern etc.). As following please find a section as an example of our activities of our holiday Day Care program of our Fintosch International Primary School for July 2020.

Mondays – Crafting day

On Mondays we begin the week in a creative way. We give crafting material to the kids and if requested the teacher help them with instructions and the students create handicrafts e.g. animals, robots or other elements of imagination.

Tuesdays – Game day

On Tuesdays all together are doing games; e.g. Hangman, games with points, puzzles, other games under instruction of the Day Care teachers).

Wednesdays – Coloring day

On Wednesdays is painting day. We mostly use watercolors and pictures are painted with imagination of the students. As an example if we before do with the students a walk to the park in the near we ask them to remember with their eyes their surroundings of nature. Afterwards they paint a theme related to nature.

Thursdays – Sports day

On Thursdays are sports activities, e.g. ball games, running, hula hoop etc. Due to the current situation we use the gym hall or the outside place of our building.

Fridays – One movie a day at Fintosch

Before the end of week we present one movie according to the kids age and we offer popcorn to the students, too. As an example these are more Cartoon movies.  The choice of the movie is always a surprise for the kids.

To sum it up: The children have a lot of fun during this time and the parents don`t have to take their full holidays during this time and they know that their kids are a “feels like family” atmosphere.