Fintosch wishes you happy holidays

First of all we would like to thank you for your great support during these challenging times, for your help offered, for your loyalty and your trust. We really appreciate your valuable feedback!

This year was for sure a different year. We also know this time wasn´t easy on any of us, but together we managed to steer our kindergarden through the storm. Even though not everything worked as planned, and we all had to adjust at times, we are really grateful to have made it through this unusual year!
Let´s hope we can go back to more normality soon.

At our Fintosch International Primary School our teacher are again well-prepared with the offer of digital learning during this lockdown time. Our school made already good experience with this in spring 2020.

To all of you happy and merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays! Please stay healthy. Let us all do our part and stay home as much as possible. Have a happy new year and see you soon back at Fintosch in 2021! We will be back with on 04th of January 2021.
Contact information: or by e-mail to: and by phone under: 069-770 769-11. We are happy to assist you as usual.

At the end we have a good tip for you: You and your family can continue to enjoy the performances of the Galli-Theater at home via livestream. This way you can support this nice institution in Frankfurt.

  • Monday, 11th of Jan – Mo, 12th of July (Not on Carnival Monday, 15th of February / 05th + 12th of April easter break / 24th of May whitsun)
  • Costs: Online each 45 min: 15,- €

How it works:

The parents will receive a link via email, so that you can log in comfortabely from home. During this 45-Minute online-theater-course the actress of the Galli-Theater play with the children different warm-up games, popular animals and turn to a playful interactive fairytale.

For your information: The children need a little bit space at home in order to move and act in front of the screen. Very important is to have fun and joy on theatre play. 🙂

Fintosch wishes you happy holidays