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Fintosch International Toddler School & Kindergarten


We do give the children two essential things,
one is roots and one is wings.
Roots, to tell them where they come from.
Roots, to have a solid foundation and to be strong.
We create a framework for their stability
by encouraging their creativity,
by giving them a sense of security,
by providing an atmosphere of safety.
And by respecting their ideas,
so that they will not develop any fears.
Children need wings to be independent and to test,
before they finally fly from the nest.
Wings, to lift them above routine.
Wings, to discover things they have never seen.
So when the world gets big and scary,
their parents will not have to worry,
as their children have those two important things:
roots and wings.
Great places for children are rare.

Fintosch stands for loving childcare