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Fintosch International Toddler School & Kindergarten

Social behavior & environmental education

  • We give children the opportunity to discover themselves.
  • “I am unique.” Every child discovers that it is unique and, at the same time, part of a greater whole. It learns how to interact with others and the environment in a respectful and positive way.
  • The children learn to understand different social aspects, languages, cultures and to respect the wonders of nature and animals.
  • We consider the child as an individual being and as a partner. Esteem for the own character, interests and talents. Experience of the value and uniqueness, interests and talents of others.
  • The child gets to know and respect other cultures, traditions and customs. It becomes conscious how culture and language can contribute to its own personality. It learns to respect the diversity of different characters in a group.
  • The child learns to assume responsibility for its actions and to treat nature and our resources carefully.