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Fintosch International Toddler School & Kindergarten

Early childhood musical education

  • Music and making music have a proven positive effect on the children‘s personality development, ability to concentrate and social skills. Music is part of everyday life and has a positive influence on the mood.
  • Musicality of children can be promoted in a number of ways – through singing, dancing, making music and perception of sounds.
  • We introduce the children in a fun way to all kinds of music, from nursery rhymes to modern music through to operatic areas.
  • The child expresses itself through singing and playing in groups and alone.
  • The child moves to rhythm and music, listens to tones and sounds and discovers its own voice.
  • The child learns different types of movement through jumping, beating, clapping, drumming through to dancing – and it is taught new songs.
  • The child gets to know different instruments, music styles and composers.