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Fintosch International Toddler School & Kindergarten

Awareness, exercise & health

  • Physical exercise is necessary for a healthy growth and development.
  • Body awareness and conscious perception is important for the child to properly evaluate reactions and to express itself what it wants to achieve.
  • It is vital to develop a healthy and active lifestyle in early childhood. In addition to sports, a balanced nutrition will essentially contribute to a child’s development.
  • Through exercise the child becomes aware of its body and releases pent-up energy and tensions.
  • The child learns to balance the body by relaxation methods.
  • In a playful way the child is taught to deal with healthy food and water which are the basis of life. It develops a positive attitude towards its own health (for ex. regarding food, dental hygiene etc.).
  • The child learns that energy, food, water and air are important for growth and life.